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Month: April 2016


Once I was a soldier
I rode on a big white horse
Silver pistols at my side
Carryin’ the flags of war

And I lost track of the men who fell
In the canon’s roar
I never got over bein’ a soldier

Once I was a tax man
Collectin’ dollars and dimes
I heard the rich man grumble
I heard the poor man cry

Some few couldn’t afford to pay
Were put to a shackle and key
I never got over bein’ a tax man

Once I was a ruler
About twelve inches long
Three times me made a yardstick
36 inches high

36 inches high was I
36 inches high
I never got over 36 inches high

-Jim Ford

I ♥ Mekons


If I didn’t forget I wouldn’t get any exercise at all. Three trips to the car and I finally remembered the Fear & Whisky CD. Music in cars can be nice, but certain albums seem to idle, meaning they thrive under fixed references.

The friends you have found
It’s like they’ve all gone to ground
The company you’re keeping’s
The same as when you’re sleeping
The same as when you’re dreaming

You’ve got just one sympathetic companion
First the chill and then the stupor
Then the letting go
If you found one thing out on that road
Only you and your ghost will know
Was there a place to leave or a place to go?
A mouth to kiss or a hand to hold?
Only you and your ghost will know

Mekons, from Oooh!