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All aboard


January 2012

I hope we get snow this year, but all the usual predictors are here to say it’s going to be another damp warm winter. We’re getting a lot of rain this October, a sluggish atmospheric river of tropical rain and wind that’s so predictable and familiar it may as well be coursed in solid rock. The Pineapple Express, and usually a good indication that the next 4-6 months will be snowless, sullen, supersaturated. It’s making me nostalgic for a good powder coat,  of suiting up proper and tucking away a flask of small batch whiskey in a easily accessible pocket, and standing knee deep in snow only to take a photo that, while dripping with corny sentiment, does make bundling up for a long winter sleep that evening enormously satisfying. It’s that same unintuitive mix of cold and insulation that makes warm and wet so unsatisfying by association, or comparison.