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No seat is safe at the feast


Marrowstone Island, January 2014

So these last two posts are pretty rough. I had a massive light leak (stupid mistake-didn’t re-attach the normal bellows properly after switching for a earlier wide angle shot). I liked the pictures enough to try and brute PS some of the flare out of the scans, but left some as a reminder of the screw up. Not sure why I’m even mentioning this; most of my stuff is pretty low-fi, but intentionally so. Is that an important distinction?

Hardly. Nevertheless I returned Fort Flagler to try again the following weekend.  All that was left  of this pile was some smoldering embers and a park ranger with a can of diesel. Which was enough inspiration to re-title my category of these coastal defense pictures Triangle of Fire, as the fortified triad of  Casey,  Flagler and Worden are sometimes called.