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Samuel Hamilton Walker

Doors, Battery Walker
Fort Worden, October 2012


Texas Ranger, military officer of the Republic of Texas. Co-designer of the 1846 Colt Walker model single action revolver. A white bean survivor of the Black Bean Lottery in Satillo. Killed in 1847 leading a charge into Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico, age 30.

In 1848 his remains were moved to San Antonio. On April 21, 1856, as part of a battle of San Jacinto celebration, he was reburied in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery in San Antonio. Why a 3″ gun battery in a fort on the far north coast of Washington state was named for him, 2,251 miles away, it is difficult to say.

Easier to say why Walker County, Texas was re-named for him. The original namesake, Robert J. Walker, economist and statesman, had the temerity to side with the Union during the Civil War.