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Perigraphe down

Rockbound Firs, Samish Bay, September 2010

Testing a new 12cm lens on 5×12, this was a difficult shot to make. I was about 2 meters from the firs and it was getting dark quickly and the lens is only f14 at it’s brightest. I had this sort of clockwise circular squat, shift, stand and sidestep to check all for corners of the ground glass as I was tweaking the film plane to bring the roots and upper twigs into focus. It was the first time I used the Perigraphe so I wasn’t sure how much focus shift it might have or dizzying falloff but  120mm on 5×12. It almost covers – only had to crop a bit from the corners.  Quite a bit of flare, but not unusual  for a uncoated, 3 minute squint into the setting sun.