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Perigraphe Up

Sail Rock, Strait of Juan de Fuca, October 2010

But anyway. Despite work, the fall weather is getting me back in bundle-up mode and wanting to head back out to the coast. Purely reactionary work with no clear ideas. Lately I notice I have a much more enjoyable day if I leave the house a little empty headed.

I  made  some 4×10  filmholders and an adapter for my 5×12 camera months ago and need to finally put them to some use. Last Friday I took a casual drive along 112 , which is a mostly sea-side drive alone the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Also needing more work is a wonderful 12cm Som Berthiot Perigraphe  that I recently scored of the German Ebay, which seems the perfect tiny wide angle for the 4×10 format.

I liked how Sail Rock appears to be steaming along the shipping lanes, as if hastily spotted in a dirty scope. I off-centered the stack in the trees to exaggerate the effect.