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Snow day

Snow, Port Crescent Boundary, Joyce WA

We are getting a good early winter storm here…well, by coastal standards anyway. 8 inches since yesterday, maybe more in the forecast for later this week. I went for a hike through the woods earlier but too thick and flurry too do much picture taking, and got thoroughly chilled even taking this one shot, so ended up walking the other way to the general store for  supplies and fuel in case the power goes out. After last winter’s 4-day outtage, the anxiety of  that happening does dampen the spirit of a good snow day- so I finally broke down and ordered an generator yesterday morning as soon as the snow level passed one inch. Of course the power never went out, even with the gale winds and 2 foot drifts. The local PUD had been making strides in improving the infrastructure- new substation, new distribution lines and routes, and of course the rigorous shredding of all roadside hazards, so we’ll see. The locals are whispering about this being the worst winter to hit the area is 80 years. With the goofy weather patterns here we are typically more likely to have a white Thanksgiving or Easter than Christmas, so can’t wait to see what happens next.