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Cherry kerosene

Another bathroom remodel in progress. The last room in the house with green carpet, vinyl wallpaper, and photo-finish cabinetry. While trying to choose from endless tub and fixture options I’m making a new vanity and linen hutch. I made the tops out of solid cherry, maybe overcompensating a little for the fake green marble plastic laminate we’ve lived with for 15 years now. I inset tin ceiling panels in the vanity doors and the hutch back.  I’ll probably regret this. I usually keep things pretty conservative, just so I don’t get sick of the remodel so soon.  Sometimes I wonder about the people who pick out the decor for manufactured homes. Their hopes and regrets. What scares or angers them. I have SRGB jpegs of everything I’ve torn out of this house, to keep my anger-based remodeling decisions fresh- fresh as peppermint carpet or Cherry syrup photo veneer can get anyway.

The pine cabinet lacquer finish is tinted saffron yellow, and the metal panels are bright nickle. Maybe I’m preemptively angry now, only with fresher tones. Hence the B&W photo in a dark afternoon workshop.