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Month: May 2017

Dogs of warranty

Yeah I know. But actually this is not a rare moment. Tucker is clingy and drapes himself over Cora wherever she plops down.

Both dogs are frankly filler. We lost two wonderful dogs in the past year and the grief was pretty spectacular. We found new dogs to fill the void.  After all, when confronted with material loss, replacement can be a really popular option. Not the purest motivation obviously but there are a lot of dogs that need a decent home regardless. I’m pretty sure they don’t mind if I’m not 100% on board.  And we all have it pretty good despite my narrow glances. Long hikes, horse excursions, domestic fowl to chase in a fenced 3.8 acres. A variety of toys, a place in a sunny window. Both are mildly alarmed at the site of me pointing a wooden camera at them, but they forget about me soon enough when I disappear under the darkcloth.