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Month: December 2014


Glines Canyon
December 2014

I’ve been daydreaming about this place, even at night. The shapes in silhouette are unresolvable, and tax my small-hour stupors like doors in river beds, or gates in clouds. A thinly picketed ridge over defunct gates and gearing, and the soft-globed lighting on a dawn promenade provides a clean, well-lighted tour of a dead century’s achievements, as well as the new century’s reparations.

Compulsory mode

Juan de Fuca
December 2014

Tides are as fun to watch as fire. This sequence is lightweight attention to trivial points of form, but it also feels like a promissory note, or down payment for a thousand more such moments.  Anticipating more, unperturbed by less. Like the harlequin drakes dis- and re-appearing in the chop. To minimize heartbreak, this is the way I’ve ended up looking at all of my photographs. I expect a great deal, but somehow can’t manage to be all that disappointed when I don’t get it. But are they representative of all that came before, or are they simply some minor adjustment for what may come after?