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Month: November 2012

Position 1, Battery Vicars
Fort Worden, October 2012

Compartments, Stairs, Trees
Fort Worden,  October 2012

Samuel Hamilton Walker

Doors, Battery Walker
Fort Worden, October 2012


Texas Ranger, military officer of the Republic of Texas. Co-designer of the 1846 Colt Walker model single action revolver. A white bean survivor of the Black Bean Lottery in Satillo. Killed in 1847 leading a charge into Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico, age 30.

In 1848 his remains were moved to San Antonio. On April 21, 1856, as part of a battle of San Jacinto celebration, he was reburied in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery in San Antonio. Why a 3″ gun battery in a fort on the far north coast of Washington state was named for him, 2,251 miles away, it is difficult to say.

Easier to say why Walker County, Texas was re-named for him. The original namesake, Robert J. Walker, economist and statesman, had the temerity to side with the Union during the Civil War.