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Month: June 2012

A rare mend

Alders, Joyce WA, May 2012

From a stroll with some new shoes, seeing how they felt with 40 lbs of large format gear. I’m prone to ankle injuries, and have always assumed that I need high top hiking boots for proper support, but after wearing some skatepunk shoes at work for a week my ankle started feeling stronger and had much improved range of motion.  So I bought some low-top trail shoes with decent tread and those draw-string laces on sale and walked a few easy flat miles in full LF trim to test them out before scrambling over sandstone boulders or steep trails.

Wearing them for a month now I hesitate to claim my ankles fully restored, but that dull pain is gone and they no longer throb after a few miles. I’m at the point in my life where age figures in all complaints, so it’s pretty exciting to witness actual improvement instead of decline. I took a shot of these striding alders to celebrate.