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Month: January 2012

naming conventions, pt 2

more snow/brambles, January 2012


No they aren’t really brambles but I can’t  call them anything else.  In dusk light everything sort of dissembles storybook convention, lest Rorschachian associations get the upper hand. Better brambles than-


brambles/sun, January 2012

There behind the village
stands a hurdy-gurdy man,
and with numb fingers
grinds away as best he can
Barefoot on the ice
he staggers to and fro
and his little tray
ever remains empty
No one wants to hear him
no one wants to looks at him
and the dogs snarl
around the old man
And he lets the world go by
as it will
He grinds always, and his hurdy-gurdy
is never silent
Strange old man
Shall I go with you?
Will you play the music
to my songs?

-Wilhelm Müller, Der Leiermann