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Month: May 2011

So High Gravity

Beercan, Elwha River, April 2011


Being under the bridge always make me think of leaping from it. I’m not suicidal, but am truly enamored of the idea of flailing through space. One way or another the act seems like it could prove to be a palliative for chronic joint problems, and the tendency to be quiet at parties.

What stops me is I know that I’ll be the guy that misses the river by several feet. Maybe I’ll just attempt a half-gainer into this beer can, labelled (poetically enough) High Gravity.

ERERP shuffle

Elwha River, April 2011

The Crown Z Water Rd was reopened to public access after the construction was finished on the bridge, riverside viaduct and water treatment facility, simplifying access somewhat. Especially on days I remember to bring everything but proper shoes; easy to just coast down the the Crown Z hill to the picnic ground under the new bridge and wander around the beginning phases of the Elwha River Ecosystem Restoration Project.

Interesting mix of looming structures and lazy evening light. Difficult to frame the bridge from down here and will require a novel approach- standing with my back to the river with a grotesque wide angle didn’t do it. Will need to remember bring something other than my slippers next time. This is the biggest US dam removal and habitat renewal project in history. I really need to start dressing for the occasion. – Bridge demo and rebuild info and pictures – cool dam removal animations and info