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Month: March 2010

Can I interest you in a mason jar and a dab of vaseline?

Spec Road, Joyce Quadrangle, March 2010

Man, photographers. Gear and more gear. Starting to hate it. The more low-fi my work gets, the paler the remorse of discredited craftsmanship, and yet the more fevered and trembling the distortions on the ground glass. And more crap just gets left at home. Whether from an over-indulgence of intolerance and spite, or an uneasy preference over the real resolution of things it’s not easy to say. As for the end result…well it’s almost like the quality is being sucked from my picture from the edges in while I look at it.

Where will it end… Maybe I’ll end up with a sack of roadside recycling instead of a camera bag, an itinerant tinker, clinking through the landscape in a contrapuntal din of glassware and glib ravings, developing all my pictures in a constant trickle of incontinence. Better than having your work be defined by the equipment you own I suppose.

Step back sonny, and let the paying customers through!