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Month: December 2009

Seconds before the snow

Silver Fir woods, Joyce Quadrangle, December 2009

I love walking in the woods right before a snow fall. It kept threatening and not quite snowing and prolonging the anticipation. So much the better- it didn’t stick anyway.

Cold snap


Roadwork, Highway 112, December 2009

Brrr. I discovered keeping my gloves warm in my pants while I’m taking a picture. Good to 18 degrees F, but a little awkward if you get stuck with your arms in your pants up to the elbows trying to retrieve them.



Roadwork, Highway 112, December 2009

Some recent roadwork on 112 between Joyce and Clallam Bay, WA. The landscape cloth they use to control drainage into the Strait of Juan de Fuca makes the whole construction zone look like a giant Christo installation.