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Category: Puget Sound

The Admiralty mile

Puget Sound, January 1, 2009

A new installment of a fledgling tradition. Standing on a bulkhead, New Year’s Day morning, greenish, pondering imponderables. I get to Seattle maybe once a year anymore, and this is good.

I like this spot- the prow of railing seems to be doing a steady 10 knots, although of course Bainbridge Island never seems to get any closer.

Which is a suitable metaphor for other projects that aren’t getting any closer to getting done.

Bruised zoetrope

Alki, West Seattle, January 2008

I liked the idea of testing a toe in the violent bitter cold water on a sullen January morning. Just the cure for a misspent New Year’s Eve. But even more I liked the bruised light here and the bicyclespoke-animation of the tide through the railing, it reminded me of the dim flickering motion of an antique daedalum slowing down.