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Category: Inland

WA withdrawls

Lake Crescent, January 2011

I’ve been trying to simplify somewhat,  just a 4×5 and a 135mm xenar and many many holders to find footing with. 135mm is sort of wide on 4×5, but nothing like a 150mm on 5×12. I find the instinct to stumble backwards to include more elements uncomfortably strong,  but it’s getting easier to find dissecting planes and give them full attention than with the banquet formats. Selective focus being  a sort of crutch through the initial missteps.

High Hoh

Alders, Hoh River, November 2010

The drive out to Kalaloch crosses a few rivers- the Sol Duc 3 times, the Calawah, the Bogachiel and the Hoh. This not counting the maze of seeps, streams, or the grand watershed event that is the entire Olympic interior.  The banks and courses are in constant change,  a more furious and accelerated version of  coastal brinksmanship.

I’m not normally drawn to rivers but riving along the Hoh, this gauze of weather and woods over the gray ribbon of water, even in minor time elapse of a 3 second exposure, was worth the stop.

Obscured by trees

Elwha River, October 2010

Trail, Crescent Bay, October 2010

I do enjoy themes of inclusion, even when risking such defined boundaries. These attempt to favor shelter over exclusion, but that might be a hard sell with the elemental promise of rivers and oceans beyond the veil, even with such conciliatory gestures in the trees.

The running of the dumpsters

Dumpster race, K-Ply Mill
October 2009

The pace of deconstruction can be so glacial it’s difficult to notice. This mill closed a while back and driving by it every day pulls up no immediate sense of despair, but you can still feel it in the jaw, like an involuntary reflex. I admit I saw this scene as a humorous industrial version of the running of the bulls, but then I also I admit I saw this scene for it’s implacability- however slow,  the waste always show up for its prize. What it lacks in speed it more than makes up for in duration.

Waiting the new west out

The Aircrest and the Chinook,Port Angeles
October 2009

A few Sundays ago I had an urge to photograph motel signs, and all the plain attendant references about. Unfortunately, there are only two interesting motel signs, and the references never seem to change.

Yes, working on that, thanks.