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After a long complicated project I enjoy returning to ordinary chores. Never using the right tools for simple tasks might be part of the attraction.  All of my hobbies demand the punctilious pairing of devices and materials. After a long very involved project, my mind feels like a crude spreadsheet with only two columns and way too much scrolling. There’s a vague satisfaction in the sacrifice of households goods for the good of the household, an abandon somewhat akin to wrapper rage but without the emergency room visit.

More likely, ruining a good dishtowel is just some sort of subgame equilibrium, a pettiness taken against my wife for using a good chisel to pull poultry staples from fence posts.

Vanity projects

One thing I like about remodeling, there are new photo props at the end. I promise, the vanity mirror will get old. I’ve done seas, trees, and toilet seats to death, might as well overdo silly mirror trickery.