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BRoll CLog

To reduce distraction this weekend I took out my old Royal and found a east-facing window. With my computer at my back I won’t give in to my curiosity about the media’s curiosity about the public’s curiosity about the candidate’s curiosity about how much actual bullshit the electorate can stand. Sanders is wildly unrealistic, Clinton is immobilized by institutional cynicism. Cruz, Trump, and Rubio actually seem to be a single gaping asshole with an event-horizon unparalleled in this corner of time and space. But really they all seem like minor appendages of a single unified organism, like some pan-dimensional Armillaria solidipes mushroom, steeped in shit and darkness.

But distraction isn’t ever really my problem, not feeling like an actual stakeholder in the problem is the problem. I’ve been agog at the spectacle of the presidential race like everyone else, but have been unable to find any useful panic or urgency to work with. I’m no longer young enough for my future to be at stake, and I have no children to fret over.  I don’t see the answer as more people, or more resources for the people we have, or ensuing longer life to use more resources, or advancing technology to ensure that more individuals are heard from. That may make me a misanthrope, but the fact is the true cost of humanity graduating from the food chain is the earth will not miss us when we are gone.

Not that the next President will have much impact either way, all presidents get way too much blame for failure and way too much credit for success.  Media and social-media culture is of such infinite division and limited provision that I doubt any US President will ever enjoy broad appeal or majority approval again. Not when there are millions of pundits and commenters looking to trade in shock value and dissent, and the attendant masses only looking to seal the deal with victimhood or moral outrage instead of meaningful discourse.

Efforts only seem aligned when trying to compel individuals to shame.  But has there ever a more useless social construct than shame? What noble thing has shame ever built except rebellion? No wonder candidates are beginning to appear that are resistant to these remedial media machinations. Trump is the media version of the superbug, created by the very thing that seeks to destroy it.