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Blithe from Port Angeles

Our Port Angeles affiliate
September 2014

I take a lot of cheap shots at Port Angeles, but I love this odd little town. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.  After spending a few days in Olympia, it’s great to get back, even though I picked up some overachieving bug. Puking, diarrhea, aching, head cold, headache, fever. The past 24 hours have been pretty awesome. Reading over these entries of the past week, I don’t know, maybe I’ve been nursing this fever for a while.

The only pictures I managed to take in Olympia were of a toy duck enmeshed in the utter crud of Capitol Lake. I went back the next morning at dawn as if looking to expand on this theme, and there was an actual real dead duck only feet away from the rubber duck. I took the picture, but it was under duress, a contrivance- albeit a serendipitous one. Under the shadow of the Capital dome, the continuity also felt wrong. I’m not nearly familiar enough with the city to place a dead duck, or even a toy duck for that matter, into it’s iconography. I do give myself points for actually saying this aloud, rising from boneheadedness into actual words: ‘mhunh?…the crud must have killed the duck, not the toy one.’

Fever or no, if it had been in Port Angeles I probably would have spend the day getting the shot from every possible angle. You only hurt the ones you love.