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One tube wonder

Flooded Roots, Joyce Quadrangle, March 2009

I’m still having some issues with expansive highlights in carbon transfer printing, which is trypical of the process. Trying to get a single black pigmented tissue to provide highkey fogs and skies typical of my coastal work isn’t the best use of the process- imagine trying to watercolor a bright open sky with a tube of black paint. But these dark forest scapes are ideal for the process, and the range from the single tube of lamp black watercolor is suddenly astounding, which make me want to try for the open high tonal skies all over again, and so on. And so on.  I’m leaning towards trying a duotone carbon process for the highkey coastal stuff, using a seperate gray tissue and printing cycle just for the highlights, but that’s a whole new can of tedium. Almost easier to keep trying the same things and expecting different results :p