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Preparation A – G


Kalaloch, March 2014


I remember setting up to take this picture and getting highly annoyed at all the useless crap in my bag. I have a habit of carrying extra stuff because of freakish events that rarely repeat. Like extra darkslides- I had a gust once grab a darkslide from my hand mid-exposure and fling it off a bluff and out to sea. I also carry too many flashlights/headlamps/batteries due to coming down a skid trail once in the dark- almost broke both ankles, could not see fuckall. I also carry a pair of ANSI Z87 safety glasses since I once skewered a tear duct on a spruce limb and nearly lobotomized myself. I also have an ever-burgeoning grab bag of assorted nuts, knobs, set screws, bolts and washers because once, at the far end of a 10 mile trail, I discovered that a locking knob from a tripod clamp had rattled free and disappeared, rendering the tripod useless. Now, I’m prepared to loose exactly one piece of hardware from every piece of equipment I’m carrying.

Most of this qualifies as reactive rather than pre-emptive. Of course, none of this crap has ever proven remotely useful.  I lost a darkslide once, 6 years ago. Is it worth being prepared for it to happen again? I’ve started to categorize such superfluous crap as Preparation H, as in I may eventually get another hemorrhoid, but must I keep carrying these suppositories until then?