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Abies amabilis

Silver Fir, March 2009

In dense thickets, the understory looks dry and dead as the light is almost completely shut out- I believe I could change out sheets of film in some of these places. This was a 3 minute exposure on a very sunny noon, to give an idea of how dark it can get. But towards the canopy, the boughs of the fir green up considerably.

I shot this more than a little unrealistically;  this is quite high key for the subject. I have been printing very dark the work from the interior, almost in direct reaction to all the open highkey work of the coastal areas. The bark of silver fir is covered with many tiny resin blisters and I love these feverblisters and the nervous threads of the limbs layered over the staggered depths of the background. Strolling along into deeper and deeper bracken, the fir-lined DNR roads start to look like some oddly scaled diorama. Colossal ferns and tiny evergreens of methusellian wither, and other such specimens that couldn’t possibly coincide with current climate conditions, but do just the same.